Morgan EV3 Could Be the Ultimate Electric Toy

Innovation can come from the places you would least expect. Take the new Morgan EV3, for example. It looks as old-school as they come, but its decidedly vintage form hides a thoroughly modern powertrain. And the surprising combination of old and new makes the EV3 look like the most fun you could have on three wheels.

Morgan Motor Company is a niche workshop in the UK that still makes its sports cars by hand on wooden frames. A few years ago, the company dug one of its oldest designs out of the archives and started building its 3 Wheeler again. The vehicle became an instant hit and now they’re introducing an even fresher take on the original.

Replacing the motorcycle engine is a 46-kilowatt electric motor and a 20-kWh lithium battery. Morgan also swapped out some of the aluminum bodywork with carbon fiber, and redesigned the front end with an off-center headlight and brass cooling fins.

The result is a vehicle that weighs just 1,100 pounds, can travel for 150 miles on a single charge and reach 62 miles per hour in under nine seconds. That may not seem very fast, but with the wind in your hair and no engine noise, the EV3 promises to deliver a singular driving experience. Prices have yet to be revealed, but production is slated to commence later this year.

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