FORMULA 1- Grand Prix de Monaco 2016

The Monaco Grand Prix circuit is world famous. 3,337 kilometres in length, it curves spectacularly through Monte Carlo’s coastal streets, skyscrapers and dramatic barriers for a total of 78 laps, bringing its race distance to 260,286 kilometres. It has been around since 1929 (as pre-championship) and 1950, and even today still represents everything that is great about Formula One™ racing.


This year’s competition starts on Thursday, May 26th and finishes on Sunday, May 29th. Armco barrier-lined circuits will test the world’s best talents, leaving them with no margins for error and only with the primary goal of concentrating fully, perfectly through braking and overwhelming downforces.

Similar to the Indianapolis 500 in the US, or France’s Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix combines precision driving, technical excellence and sheer bravery, all mixed with tints of camera-blitzing dare, prowess and performance. And every driver dreams of winning this one. Experts claim that the “Portier Corner” is key to achieving a good lap time, and also getting the “Loews Hairpin” right, which ironically is the slowest corner in Formula One™. “The Tunnel” comes next with its rare flat section.

All-time greats have flown and skidded through Monte Carlo; Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill, Stirling Moss, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart and Philippe Streiff.

But the greats of driving are not the only ones you will see in Monaco during Formula One™. Monte Carlo fills up with beautiful people, VIPs, celebrities, models, and of course the paparazzi, from all over the globe, all divinely dressed and who rush in to catch the buzz and glamour the week has to offer.

The occasion allows its spectators to partake in fabulous events from pre-parties to its famous after-parties on both land and sea throughout the city’s luxury hotels, restaurants and bars, and on yachts and sailboats harboured in the port and surrounding bays. Exclusive apartments and private houses are available for rent.


Philippe Streiff is a former racing driver from France. He participated in 53 Formula 1 Grand Prix™ from 1984 till 1989. He achieved one podium and scored a total of 11 championship points. Project Luxury & Art was able to grab Streiff for a few quick questions about his amazing career and his now very full, very mindful life.

Philippe Streiff

How many Formula 1™ Grands Prix have you participated in?

I have raced in 53 F1 Grand Prix™, from 1984 to 1989, on four teams: Renault F1 (Test-Driver in 1983 and Driver in 1984), Ligier-Renault in 1985, Tyrrell-Renault in 1986, Tyrrell-Ford in 1987, and AGS-Ford in 1988 & 1989.

What has been keeping you busy since you finished competitive racing?

The passion for automobiles… karting (Indoor Masters) and road safety (my mission now in the Interior Ministry)!

And what has been your greatest recent joy?

Doing HandiSki, in Val d’Isère, two weeks ago ! Handiski, or “Ski Assis” in French, is a way to discover or rediscover the joys of skiing when you are a person with reduced mobility. Bascially, you ski seated... It’s so much fun!

You have been involved in organising all sorts of fantastic ventures, rallies, competitions, supporting various challenges and charitable projects. What has been your biggest accomplishment in this area?

The ten Karting Masters of Paris-Bercy, with more than 100 Formula One™ drivers coming, including Ayrton SENNA, Alain PROST, Michaël SCHUMACHER, Damon HILL, Jacques VILLENEUVE, etc… Great racing, great people!

My children and myself (with our family company, Streiff Consulting) decided to organise the event we did in 2011 again, with 100% electric go-karts, the ERDF Masters… We invited Sébastien LOEB, Sébastien OGIER, Romain GROSJEAN, Jules BIANCHI, Jean-Eric VERGNE and many drivers winning their own World & European Championship… It was a great success!

What is your favorite part about the Formula 1™ in Monte Carlo?

The atmosphere, first!

But the town’s track is very technical and the drivers need a F1™ with full downforce, because of the twisty curves which are in fact the streets of Monaco… So, the two-days (Thursday and Saturday…) of testings are very important to starting ahead of the Grid.


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