Zurich‘s Doctors Dance, Dine and Donate

Since 2010, the 4th Zurich Doctors’ Ball biannual event has brought together doctors, politicians and businessmen, not only for an entertaining evening but, more importantly, to raise money for social or medical projects for children.

Dr. Urs Stoffel, Prof. Susanne Walitza and Dr. Roger Wanner

This year‘s donations will support the work of the IKS (Institut Kinderseele Schweiz), a Swiss Foundation for the wellbeing of children and youths, in their project aimed at children whose parents have a mental disorder and who suffer as a result of their parents’ psychiatric diseases. Their problems are often neglected by the media and the medical industry, and have therefore been so far underpublicised. Often, these children suffer from violence or from the depression of their parents. This IKS project will organise psychological help especially suited for these children, including prevention, early detection and treatment. As they have a distinctly higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder themselves, it is critical that they, like their parents, receive valuable psychiatric and social assistance, and intervention.

The organiser of this benefit gala on the last three occasions has been the very enthusiastic young doctor Dr. Roger Wanner, a highly experienced Swiss gastroenterologist with a great personality. This year, he decided to obtain assistance from Samira Hübler, a heart surgeon from Berlin who moved to Zurich four years ago, with her husband, paediatric heart surgeon Prof. Michael Hübler.

Samira and Prof. Michael Hübler

She organises humanitarian missions to developing countries, where every year she and her husband perform heart operations on poor children.

One of Samira Hübler’s colleagues at the Berlin Heart Centre is the spectacular DJ for this gala night, DJ 2xm, aka Martin Shaw, who is, by the way, also a heart surgeon! With the charming organisers and presenters Dr. Roger Wanner and Samira Hübler, a heart surgeon as a DJ, and the rest of the spectacular programme, this night should be big success for a good cause: the children.

This year, the 4th Zurich Doctors’ Ball (4. Zürcher Ärzteball) will take place on May 21st at the famous Dolder Grand Hotel, located on a hill above Zurich, with a breathtaking view of the lake, an uplifting and appropriate setting to raise funds for the brighter future of mental health promotion for young generations to come.


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