Terrafugia TFX

Terrafugia answers a question which has plagued scientists since the beginning of the 21st Century: “It’s 2016. So where is my flying car?”

Up until the turn of the century, popular depictions of the 2000s often showed the people of the (then) future zipping around in flying cars – flying cars that we have not yet seen. While the twenty-first century has seen developments such as Facebook, electric cars and the ability to print 3D items for any number of practical uses, we still seem to be unable to let go of the idea of a flying car. In a long awaited realisation of this obsession, the TFXTM is intended to be a flying car, which is appropriate for use by the general public.

With a focus on convenience, safety and simplicity, the project is intended to be completed within 12 years, so we could all be flying around within our lifetime!

A street-legal aircraft with fixed wings, the TFXTM will run on electricity while driving on the ground and during takeoff and landing, recharging either from electric car charging stations or its own engine, so it is a leap forward with no steps back regarding sustainability.

As with a standard GPS system, the car’s driver will enter the destination ahead of departure, including both a primary landing zone and a backup landing zone in case of emergency.

Importantly, the TFXTM will be able to calculate its own energy reserve and land the car safely of its own accord, so drivers need not worry about falling out of the sky unexpectedly.

With a range of up to 500 miles, this vehicle will truly allow you to travel from A to B with minimal interruptions.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Terrafugia hopes the TFXTM will be available for a similar price as that of most luxury cars, so it could potentially be afforded by people other than the rich and elite, provided we save up for long enough!


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