Pushing the Envelope on a Whole new Road

Faraday Future revealed its version of the future electronic automotive solution.

The FFZERO - Revolutionising the way we drive

Faraday Future is an electric motor company based in California, USA. The company started working on conceptual electric cars almost two years ago. Over the years, Faraday has showcased some of its other ideas at various trade events and has gained attention from all over the world.

At the latest Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Faraday Future revealed FFZERO1 as their vision for their company’s production of supercars.

FFZERO1 originated from a sketch by the head designer of the company, and the Vice President of Product R&D quickly decided that this design was the picture-perfect opportunity to show-off the company’s strengths.

FFZERO1 is a single seat super-electric car with an exquisite appearance and a speculated 1000 horsepower engine that will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds! Moreover, the top speed this supercar can achieve will exceed 200 mph. A helmet that will provide oxygen and water will be made for the driver.

Other fancy features to be included are the ability to incorporate a smartphone into the steering wheel (“the smartphone will be the steering wheel”), full autonomous drive, track driving assistance, four independent electric motors to power the car, and a super lightweight carbon body.

On the outside, there is no question that Faraday’s Future FFZERO1 is the most exotic looking concept car. With its sleek carbon fibre body kit and a vehicle height just a few inches above the road, this conceptual electric car has curves in all the right places, as well as the strength needed to perform. The front headlights are joined in a curved tube shape, which also gives the car a unique stance.

FFZERO1 looks like no ordinary car. As the company states, “The world is ready for a new way of looking at mobility”.

Ideally, this conceptual supercar will not be the first production car that Faraday Future exhibits.

The future will hold more chances for the company to introduce their new car concept for market priced models having more than one seat.

Faraday Future has attempted, and succeeded, to get into the all-electric vehicle market that is currently ruled by Audi and Tesla.


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