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How does one stay up-to-date on the latest gadgets? There are, of course, multiple sources for information to assure that one is getting the newest inventions – from advice gleaned from fellow “tech toy” users, to blogs, industry magazines, news reports, and trade shows, amongst others.

Adidas Smart Ball

CES in Las Vegas is always a good place to start for an overview of the latest launches in consumer electronics, as well as the IFA show in Berlin for more glitsy and successful premiers of new devices. For business solutions and products, the CeBIT show in Hanover is a must, as well as Computex. In addition, a cursory view on the Internet will bring out numerous other fairs involving innovation – from Hong Kong and Shanghai, to Dubai, Barcelona and Moscow.

We took a look around and found that this year’s CES watch list, which includes electric cars, drones, sensors and cameras that can be embedded into everything from clothes to home appliances, and of course, virtual reality.

Here are a few highlights that we have selected:

For the football fan or sports buff, not to be missed is the Adidas Smart Ball (1), which tracks how good you are at football. The ball uses a sensor integrated in its core that records strike point, speed, spin and trajectory to tell you exactly where you are going wrong, or right! This latest gadget from Adidas is an excellent training tool for placing kicks, making it so that you do not need your private trainer or coach every time. Kick data get sent instantly to a companion app. It is compatible with iOS 7 and later and Android 4.3 and later devices with Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Get one and perfect your technique for power bend and knucke balls. Watch out Ronaldo!


Oculus Rift (2) virtual reality glasses, amongst other cool cyber glasses, are also the talk of the town.

The Rift itself offers an extraordinary experience of true immersion and presence for your favourite game, VR movie, an exciting travel destination or spending VR social time with friends. Using state-of-the-art displays and specially designed optics, the Oculus Rift boasts a high refresh rate and low-persistence display work, assuring wonderful visual fidelity plus a wideview field. Advanced display technology combined with a low-latency constellation precision tracking system facilitates the feeling of presence, so much so that you can really feel that you are there.

Underwater bliss means no longer needing to worry about ruining your favourite gadgets while you are at the beach or poolside this summer. Fortunately, some of today’s tech gadgets and high-tech devices are actually designed to be splashed or submerged in water, without any risk of damage.

These include the Fugoo (3) waterproof speaker, OtterBox Resurgence waterproof iPhone 6 battery case, Phantom Aquatics premium waterproof backpack dry bag, GoScope GoPro HERO (4) Telescoping Pole, LifeProof Frei Phone 6 Case, and the BOOM swimmer waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker. Whether you are listening to your MP3 player out and about or at home with your high-end stereo, headphone choice is absolutely critical.

This year, take a look at Sony’s MDR-1A, Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0, the wireless series from Beats Studio for Bluetooth, on-ear Beyerdynamic T51, QuietComfort 25(5) by Bose, and the V-Moda flagship Crossfade M-100 headphone options. Not to be omitted are HiFiMan’s HE-400i high-end audiophile headphones.


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