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Finally there is a company producing healthy food products with loads of vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbs only. The food comes without any preservatives, other artificial additives nor added sugars. So even if you don’t have time to cook for yourself, you may benefit from the healthiest foods available.

The recipes and meal plans are being elaborated by nutritional professionals, the food is being cooked by a top chef. Freunde am Kochen’s customers can be sure to benefit from the healthiest and tastiest food at the same time, whilst being sure that their bodies are getting all the nutrients, proteins and healthy fats they need. The cuisine is inspired from recipes from all over the world. Yet local favourites such as “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” can be found on the menu.

Freunde am Kochen even caters to specific needs such as diabetics and people with high cholesterol levels. Collaboration with renowned companies such as the Hirslanden Gruppe, Medbase, Migros Fitnessparks and Toppharm pharmacies prove the success of Freunde am Kochen’s unique offering.

Freunde am Kochen offer the following products:

• Low Carb menus, single meals (from CHF 21) or cures for 2 or more weeks (from CHF 322 per person and week).

These are suitable for people who want to loose weight, keep the weight off or who are just looking for a healthy low carb diet.

• Low carb meals or cures for people with (pre-) diabetes and high cholesterol levels

• Healthy green superfood smoothies and healthy drinks

• My Coach programmes for healthy lifestyle change: customers cook for themselves based on elaborate meal plans and recipes. Supported by health professionals and nutritional coaches.

All ready made healthy meals and drinks are:

• Freshly prepared from scratch

• Free from additives and preservatives

• Free from added sugar

• Low carb

• Lactose- and gluten-free

• Frozen right after production.

So customers can easily buy ahead and always have healthy food or drinks available whenever they need it. (Freezing is the best preservation method available with hardly any vitamins and nutrients being lost).

Freunde am Kochen delivers Swiss-wide, by bicycle courier within Zürich and by Swiss Post within the rest of the country. Food and drinks come deep frozen for the most convenient storage at home.

www.freunde-am-kochen.ch service@freunde-am-kochen.com Tel. +41 (0) 44 586 15 51


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