These Private Jet Concepts Bring Feng Shui and Sushi Bars to the Sky

HAECO Private Jet Solutions

If flying stresses you out, you should consider calling HAECO Private Jet Solutions to trick your mind into thinking you’re actually in a serene tea house. The Chinese design firm has created two gorgeous private jet interior concepts, one that utilizes traditional feng shui and another that they call “East meets West.”

Considering feng shui is all about balancing energy to create harmony, it makes sense that Haeco would extend that process to aviation. Called Xiao Yao, the 1,025-square-foot interior was designed for a Boeing Business Jet 2 and offers an open layout that allows for fluid movement throughout the cabin. Various seating areas line the sides while a meandering path winds down the center, mimicking a thin stream. Xiao Yao includes a master bedroom, dining room, lounge and plenty of nooks for enjoying tea and mahjong.

Haeco’s “East meets West” jet offers something much more modern, with bright pops of color and sharp geometric patterns. As the result of a collaboration with an international fashion brand (Haeco remains quiet as to which one), the design combines traditional eastern lattice patterns with a clean western cabin aesthetic. The hand-woven wallpaper, matte gold furnishings, bright teal and lime green furniture, and Art Deco-inspired carpet are easily visible. Oh yeah, and there’s also a sushi bar.

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