The ADMIRAL X Force 145 May End Up Being the Most Expensive Mega-Yacht in the World

Designed by Monaco-based studio Dobroserdov Design, the ADMIRAL X Force 145 luxury mega-yacht is a force to be reckoned with, and could just end up being the most expensive yacht in the world. Once finished, the 145-meter (around 475 feet) vessel will boast crystal chandeliers, marble floors, two pools and helipads, multiple gyms, a garage and two movie theaters. Though ADMIRAL doesn’t list a price, the X Force is expected to top $1 billion once finished.

With a steel hull and aluminum alloy superstructure, the X Force is being built by The Italian Sea Group and looks more like a luxury hotel than it does a yacht. The salon features a chandelier hanging above a round indoor pool with twisting sculptures emerging from within, and nearby is a sitting area with a wrap-around couch.

The master bedroom actually has its own Zen garden, which encircles the bed, and golden skylights that look orb-like from the side. All guest bedrooms have their own seating areas, with many including private balconies, and a full-sized dining room can be found on one of the lower decks.

The ADMIRAL X Force 145 will also include a two-level club spa that doubles as an entertainment area for parties, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light, a bar and plenty of lounge areas.

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