LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP 750-4

The Superveloce line from Lamborghini represents the pinnacle of street legal performance machines. More extreme than any other vehicle in the line-up, the SV is the result of thousands of hours of work, all done in the quest for automotive perfection. With over 750 horsepower on tap, the latest creation to bear the revered SV badge is the newly unveiled Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce Roadster. Limited to only 500 examples worldwide, the Aventador Roadster SV is an undeniable symbol of exclusivity, which comes with a price tag to match: 357,000.00 Euros or USD 530,075.00, no taxes included, in base model configuration.

The aggressive exterior design of the SV Roadster includes character lines that honour the company’s heritage - going as far as the first series car ever produced by the company, the 350 GT, a myriad of concave and convex surfaces inspired by stealth jet fighters and serrated lines instilled by the insect world. A complex amalgam of sources has constituted the starting point for the development of the vehicle, with every line on the car’s body serving a distinct, functional purpose. In Lamborghini’s world, the form always follows function, as the spirit of the company founded by Ferrucio must be maintained unaltered.

Best described as a work of art on wheels, the SV Roadster features a hyper belligerent front fascia, with two twin air intakes of considerable dimensions. The delta shaped bonnet mirrors itself in the flowing (removable) two piece carbon fibre hardtop, while a plethora of geometric air inlets and outlets shape the entire surface of the supercar. Intricate details manufactured from visible composite materials underline the sharpness of the side air intakes, while the rear of the vehicle resembles a purebred race car, with a massive, hand adjustable spoiler, an enormous air diffuser and a quartet of exhausts that glow bright blue when pushed to the limit.

The performance figures, for an open top sports car, are astonishing: the sprint to 62 miles per hour, from a standstill, is done in 2.9 seconds, and the top speed is rated as higher than 217 miles per hour.

Sitting behind the seats, a longitudinally mounted, naturally aspirated V12 engine with a displacement of 6.5 litres is capable of delivering 750 horsepower to all four wheels, through the means of a semiautomatic 7 speed gearbox. A Haldex Generation IV all wheel drive system ensures that the power is properly transmitted to the road, while an adaptive Magneto Rheological suspension system, with electronically adjustable settings is able to change the driving dynamics of the vehicle through the push of a button in the cockpit. Moreover, the removal of comfort features, such as the navigation and audio system, as well as the addition of numerous carbon fibre components, all done in order to provide a pure and unaltered driving experience, have made the SV Roadster over 110 lbs lighter than the standard Aventador Roadster, thus achieving an impressive power to weight ratio of 4,6 hp/lb, transforming the SV Roadster into a true track weapon.

A carbon fibre laden interior, with a Spartan decor, focused on functionality and performance, is complemented by a race inspired TFT instrument panel, almost alien-like paddle shifters, a jet fighter derived start button and leather of Alcantara covered racing seats. With the roof in place or removed, the occupants of the supercar have a power rear window at their disposal, that can be retracted, thus letting the sound of the magnificent V12 engine in the cabin. While a drive on the motorway may perfectly showcase the orchestral tones of the engine, a drive through a tunnel provides an incomparable experience, as the auditory experience is massively amplified.

The Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster represents a benchmark in the field of supercars, demolishing other competitors, be it in coupe or open top configuration. The result of over sixty years of evolution, it remains a symbol of performance and exclusivity, providing a mystifying experience, both from a visual and a prowess standpoint.


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