In Love with "Masky"

Long working hours plus frequent long-haul flights have called for an urgent need of paper masks among ladies nowadays, as they want to refresh and pamper themselves nicely in a “2S-way” – Simple and Speedy, which has also become a new international beauty trend!

When everyone in the modern life believes the philosophy of “time is money”, a normal two-to-three-hour facial course might sound a bit luxurious. As such, the beauty trend of using paper masks among ladies has grown significantly from Asia to all over the world and rapidly swept across different age groups in recent years, as they believe that they could regain a moisturized and brightening face in just 20 minutes with an easy-to-use paper mask while they are resting at home after a long day.

Although there are many different kinds of paper masks can be found in the market, it is interesting to see that many ladies are particularly fond of those with hydrating essence and whitening features. This might be because the moisturized skin can help improve their fine lines and wrinkles, while the whitening skin matches with the concept of “a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults”, meaning they can use the whitening effect to cover some imperfections on their faces.

Another interesting trend in the modern beauty world is, there are more and more young ladies putting on paper masks to recharge themselves while they are on board. No matter it is a short-haul or a long-haul fight, those 20-ish young ladies just don’t want to miss any chance to cushion themselves from the easily dehydrated in-flight environment, as traveling sometimes can cause them an irritated face.

So next time when you are going to take a long-haul flight, maybe you can also bring a paper mask along on the plane to do a “mini-hydrotherapy treatment” during the flying hours. What’s more important is, the individual pack of paper mask is not counted as a liquid, which just makes it perfect for you to spoil yourself without any hassle. Another potential bonus is, who knows you won’t meet your Mr. Right at the 25,000-feet sky after you are fully recharged yourself with a sweet and charming face?


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