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Boca Do Lobo is a world renowned furniture design company that was founded by designer Amandio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhaes in the year 2005 in Oporto, Portugal. Over the years, the company has metamorphosed and it is now part of MeninaDesign Group. Boca Do Lobo designs are a unique psychological experience felt through a heart rendering touch of exquisite art.

Portuguese designer Amandio Pereira’s story begins the way most gifted artisans do; as an eccentric child, construction and deconstruction of objects was a hobby which soon developed into an obsession for design. Immediately after graduating from ESAD, Escola Superior de Artes e Design em Matosinhos, he and a close confidant, Ricardo Magalhaes started Menina Design Group and in 2005 they founded Boca Do Lobo alongside designer Pedro Sousa. The brand name originated from the Italian expression IN BOCCA AL LUPO, literally translated in English as “IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF”.

Boca Do Lobo is recognised for its distinctive and exquisite art works like its Diamond Cabinet and Soho Sideboards. Every handmade piece of furniture is a blend of diverse materials, such as transparent car paint on a shinning leaf. Its collections now includes a range of specially made limited edition furniture that combines futuristic vision with ingenious creative techniques.

The designers aim to promote astonishing insight into art by conjuring alluring spectacles inspired, crafted and brought to life by a group of infinitely talented staff. Their designs are modeled to stir emotions and romantic nostalgia in people - you will love what you see.

A Place where Emotive creativity Meets Technology

The creators are an embodiment of talent. They possess an indisputable skill for designing pieces that resonate and raise strong sensation in their admirers. The elegant art output is achieved through accumulated wisdom honed over the years and ultimately instilled with love and affection in the art they perform.

Boca Do Lobo present the very best within the bounds of art and designs. Each work of art takes you on a journey to origins of pleasure you may have forgotten and take you places you never have been before; a trip to the world of Boca Do Lobo, where emotions run high.

KNOX by Boca Do Lobo

With design traits and details very similar to those found on the world famous Fort Knox gold vaults, this luxury safe features incredible finishes and detailed work. Its interior is fully customisable, with fittings for watch winders, jewellery drawers, and even cigar humidors, making the Knox Safe the right place to keep your valuables, with a guaranteed design experience that only Boca Do Lobo delivers.

Newton Black & Gold Dining Table:

Measures: 365cm x 140cm x 78cm

Finishes: Black Laquer & Gold Plated

Suggested Retail Price: EUR 61,400

Where can we find BocA do Lobo products? Do you have your own store?

We don’t have our own store. Our products are sold in majority on-line and we have some showrooms and representatives worldwide. We also participate in several interior design fairs where our pieces can be seen and bought. We have offices in the UK and USA too.

How have you been coping with ALL the technological advances in art and design?

A dynamic process of innovation, of both technology and design, forces us into a continual reinterpretation of the brand. Aspects of our philosophy also remain constant: the high quality of the final product is always a priority. All this is translated into our consistent search for anything that can bring more value to our pieces, adding in and reinventing new contexts to provide the best. We ally new and innovative technologies with the tradition and the legacy of Portuguese heritage and manufacturing techniques.

What aspect of design do you enjoy most?

Design is our reason for being. Each Boca Do Lobo piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention detail.

How did Boca Do Lobo come to existence?

Boca Do Lobo was born by the passion and the will of two young winning designers in the world of design, taking Portugal’s name and Portuguese design into the world of luxury, glamour and irreverence when it comes to interior design. With the Soho Sideboard, we understood that it is possible to create our identity, image and design in an exclusive and bold way.

What inspired the name Boca Do Lobo?

The brand name comes from the Italian expression, in bocca al lupo, which Italians say to each other prior to exams to offer ‘good luck’. Translated literally to Portuguese, it becomes ‘na boca do lobo’ and in English, ‘in the mouth of the wolf’, as seen in the company’s logo.

What are your plans for the future with Boca Do Lobo?

We are working to continue the path to share the Portuguese heritage always side by side with the ultimate techniques. We will continue to innovate, to launch new collections and new pieces and to participate in the major interior design fairs. Our focus to the times that are coming is our participation in a Christies’ auction with the first version of the Symphony Sideboard that was part of the design set on Fifty Shades of Grey film scenario.

What inspires your designs?

Design is our reason for being.Each Boca Do Lobo piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention to detail.

What challenges are you facing in the industry?

Strong competition, but our design and commitment is more and more recognised worldwide. We are betting and investing in investigation and development when it comes to the materials that we manufacture, and we are always aware of what is being done, new products and materials.

What should a potential client expect when he/she visits your store?

We are passionate about what we do and this inspires us to create. We believe our pieces should have distinctive and individual character. Through our love and dedication to Boca Do Lobo we offer the highest level quality and thus form lasting relationships with our public. This passion is what we want to share with all of our enthusiastic appreciators.

Which piece in your collection is the most popular at the moment?

Definitely, the Symphony Sideboard. After being in the apartment of Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, it is now on auction with the most prestigious and recognised name in the world.

Where do you see the company in about 10 years?

We want to open unique and single brand stores in the major world capitals. We will focus on Asian markets so we can grow in this important and fundamental section of the global market. Another goal is to open a hotel with our own name in New York.

What is the most memorable milestone in the history of Boca do Lobo?

Definitely, the participation in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie as a big part of the decoration’s in the movie’s main character’s apartment. It gave us huge visibility, a large recognition worldwide, and was a big subject in social media all over the world.

What is the most expensive piece you’ve ever produced?

All of our pieces our customisable. We strive to always meet our customers desires and wishes and to leave him/her the most satisfied possible. So the most expensive piece we’ve ever produced was a Newton Black & Gold Dining Table (pictures & stats below).


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