A Collection of 91 art pieces is shown in the nobel public spheres of the Park Hyatt in Zurich. The main selection can be termed “classic modern art”.

Works of notable artists as Sol LeWitt, Heinz Mack, Gunther Uecker, Eduardo Chilliada, Piero Dorazio, Serge Poliakoff Hans Hartung, Ted Scapa, Ossip Zadkine and many others. In total 70 of the pieces are on view in the ground and mezzanine floors.

These act as an “appetizer” for the stunning 49 square meter mural in the reception hall. This piece was specially commissioned from Sol LeWitt and complements per- fectly the three-storey reception area. The dark stone surround of the fireplace in the lobby lounge is enlightened left and right by two white relief-style sculptures by Gregor Frehner / Katharina Henking. The artistic glasses in the two credenzas ei- ther side of the fireplace are by Venini of Venice. From the lobby lounge you have a perfect view of another commissioned piece; the nine square meter Heinz Mack painting. Situated above the display table this single artwork can be seen from both the lobby lounge and the reception hall. In “Parkhuus”, the hotel restaurant, the wine-library and in the private dining area, works by Gunther Uecker and Hans Hartung are on display. Even the restrooms and vestibules throughout the hotel are decorated, perhaps appro- priately, with cartoons and caricatures. These humoristic messages are partly originals by Ted Scapa and partly limited.

Sol LeWitt, Irregular Wavy Collor Bands, Wall Drawing No 1133

Park Hyatt‘s director of Marketing & Communication, Ms. Laura Amanzi is informing us about the exclusivity of their art collection:

How long does the Art Exhibition on the Park Hyatt exist? Who initiated it?

The Art Exhibition exists since the opening of the Hotel. The art on exposure was chosen together with Dr. Fritz W. Meyer . The private collector accompanies the Park Hyatt project since a stroll he had with the founder of the Hyatt hotelgroup in 1989 from Bürkliplatz to the Escherweise parking area on which the hotel was built today.

Dr. Fritz W. Meyer, formally mainly Manager and Investor, collected art for more than 50 years. His private collection was shown at St. Gallen’s Museum of Art in 1994 for three months in the exposition „From Jean Arp to Keith Haring“. He consulted the Park Hyatt Zurich as art coordinator and has conceived the brochure „Art at Park Hyatt Zurich“.

What is the concept of your exhibition? What is your special focus?

Our hotel offers the utmost in comfort and exclusivity. In all public areas of the Park Hyatt Zurich exquisite art objects are displayed in accordance to a carefully prepared program presenting an ensemble of representative modern and contemporary art pieces. The concept focuses on elegance and beauty as well as on wit and irony.

How do you combine the architectural style with your exhibited artworks?

In total we have 91 pieces of art of various formats and techniques on view and every artwork should be suitable to the hotel. It should be alluring and exclusive and fit to our brand.

Which of the artworks were commissioned especially for the Park Hyatt and what were the general criteria for the artworks and the artists?

An example is the 53 m2 mural by Sol Le Witt which the artist painted specifically for the foyer of the hotel. With its dynamically flowing bands that change constantly like passing clouds the work magnificently establishes a natural counterpoint to the functional elegance of Marcel Meili’s architecture of the building.

What do you mean by „an exhibition with humor“?

We have many cartoon art in the hotel. One example is our modern Pygmalion of JÜSP, who created Mona Lisa herself but could not help himself not to give her smile a little change. Or art pieces of Ted Scapa. Caricature is the ability of leaving out the non-essential. A genial talent for drawing does not make a caricaturist; it is merely the vehicle of expression.

How do your customers react?

Our guests enjoy to be surrounded by so many art pieces.

What characterizes the Park Hyatt compared to other hotels?

Intimate and residential in style, Park Hyatt hotels promise gracious service on a personal scale. Located in many of the world’s premier destinations, each Park Hyatt combines elegance with distinctive regional character. We are masters of detail and creators of lifetime memories.

What are your plans for the future?

We are delighted to announce, that we will receive a very special and unique art piece in the next month – done by a local artist. A great new addition to our exhibition in a prime location.

JÜSP (Jürg Spahr), La Gioconda

Wassil, Lithography 1973

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